Add users to scidb

I recently installed SciDB 18.1 using the default installer script. It worked great. However, I installed using an administrative account. Now I need to allow other users for loading of datasets access to the datastore directory. How are people going about doing this? I tried making sym links and that failed.

Hello @dahaynes, apologies for the late response.

Support for multiple users is a feature of Enterprise Edition, the paid version of the product. Without the EE feature, any user should still be able to run iquery and load a data file using an absolute path name, so long as the file is readable by “the scidb user”, that is, by the account that the SciDB instances run as. They can also save data using an absolute path name, but the target directory will have to be writable by the scidb user. And users will have to trust each other, since any user can read/clobber any other user’s data files and arrays.

Here’s a link to the doc for SciDB security features in 19.11 (substantially the same as 18.1) which include multi-user support. If this would solve your problem, consider purchasing an EE contract from Paradgim4.