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By default, the script included with SciDB for setting up the postgreSQL database,, assumes postgres uses port 5432. We would like to request to add a port configuration to the script, to make the script more flexible, and more applicable to general use cases where postgres does not use port 5432.

The change is simple, something similar to:
read -p "Enter postgres port number: " port

In addition to a -p $port argument to each invocation of pgsql or postgres would do it. The connection string printout should also reflect the user’s postgres port number.

The modified section of the script could look something like this:

read -p "Enter postgres port number: " port

read -p "Enter catalog owner name: " owner

user_exists “$owner” && (read_yn “Create user $owner?” && (createuser --no-superuser --no-createdb --no-createrole --pwprompt “$owner” -p $port || die))

read -p "Catalog database name: " database

db_exists $database && ((createdb --owner “$owner” “$database” -p $port && createlang plpgsql “$database” -p $port) || die)

echo “update pg_language set lanpltrusted = true where lanname = ‘c’” | psql “$database” -p $port|| die

echo “grant usage on language c to $owner;” | psql “$database” -p $port|| die

read_yn “Do you want create catalog structure now?” && (psql -h localhost -f “$METADATA_FILE” -U “$owner” “$database” -p $port || die)

echo Sample of connection string:
echo host=localhost port=$port dbname="$database" user="$owner" password=""

Thanks, Peter and Jack


Hello, and thank you for the request.

I’ve created to track your request. We’ll take a look what we can do and when.


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