When do you expect this release?




What time?
viewtopic.php?f=16&t=364 not there now…



We just posted it. Cheers!




One tiny thing: on your examples config.ini.planet, I could not help but notice instance-N instead of server-N.
Is this an undocumented feature or a typo?

PS: Thanks for the help in installing 14.7, very much appreciate it!


… and another tiny thing: I thought I’d let you know that there are references to 14.3 in the published 14.7 user guide .
In the /opt/scidb/14.7.etc config examples, there are references to log1.properties, whereas log4cxx.properties would be correct, yes?

Just an FYI, I know you all worked hard to get this out…
Cheers, George


I’m sorry, I’m not being able to find the link for downloading 14.7 - Where is it? - Thanks!

[quote=“gfekete”]What time?
viewtopic.php?f=16&t=364 not there now…[/quote]


Do you people never sleep?


14.8 in a few hours time.


Hey guys, 14.8 is ready


Ok, so 14.8 is out. But 14.7 has completely disappeared!!
How toxic is it?

I was in the middle of experimenting with several cluster configs, and wanted an apples to apples comparison, but now I can’t use 14.7
So my question is this: Should I completely punt 14.7 immediately? Is there a serious issue? All previous versions back to 11.12 are still there, but 14.7 has disappeared completely.
Please tell us something we need to know.



As said in another post, 14.8 replaces 14.7.